Rigging Outline

lecture 1:advanced basics 
rotation order/gimbal lock 
ik and fk at the same time??? 
    ik/fk blending 
    ik/fk switch 
scripting example/scripting commands(for the switch) 
expressions-try to use nodes first(nodes are faster) 
extra shapes, implicit sphere, cone, disk locators 
spline curves templated for knees and elbows 
foot setup 
    foot grouping 


lecture 2: other types of joint chains and tutorial review 
ik splines, advanced twist controls 
ik stretchy arm 
dynamic joints 
show lesson for current week tutorial tutorial. 
wrap deformers 
lecture 3: facial setup 
extra constraints/ normal and geo 
blend shapes/ post space deformations 
lattice deformers 
motion paths 
lecture 4:hand setup bonus 
ik hand ideas review 
fk hand ideas 
other ideas for hands: blendshapes, set driven keys 
put all ideas together into one rig. and show ik/setdriven keys example.