Modeling Outline

   * Review edge hardening techniques (edge loops and creases).
         o Go over crease sets and crease node
         o Mention weird normals with creases
   * Review geometry guidelines
         o Keep in quads as much as possible
         o Plan your edge loops
         o Have logical edge loops
         o Edge loops should run perpendicular to joints
         o Don't have more complexity than you need
         o Geometry should be production ready in 2 Smooth subdivisions
         o Mention smooth preview subdivision levels
         o Keep your geometry "on the surface" for the sake of your weight-painter's sanity
         o Delete history and image planes
   * Review duplication
         o Don't do more work than you have to
         o Take advantage of symmetry whenever possible
         o Rotational and mirror symmetry

   * Review handy UI stuff
         o Freeing up window space
         o Gesture commands
         o Sculpt geometry tool (For uniformly distributing geometry)
         o Highlight edge borders (Window -> Setting/Preferences -> Preferences -> Display -> Polygons -> Highlight)
         o X-Ray active components (Has a bad habit of turning off every restart)
         o Back-face culling
   * Troubleshooting
         o Eliminating lamina faces
         o Fixing normals