Winter 2009

Grading Policy

The grade for CSE459 will be determined as follows:

50% Professionalism

Ability to receive and apply feedback from the Director
Ability to respond to communication from the Director promptly and respectfully.
Ability to take direction from Director and to be a positive influence on the class and the project. Where direction seems inconsistent or unclear, to have the ability to bring the discrepancy to the Director for discussion in office hours if needed.
Ability to maintain a positive attitude toward the project
 Ability to follow through on work that has been assigned including meeting assigned deadlines.
 Ability to make constructive suggestions by doing the work assigned and providing alternate technical and aesthetic solutions when needed.
Ability to communicate positively and constructively and to resolve concerns quickly and effectively.
Ability to take direction from student leads and appropriate team members
Ability to provide appropriate and creative contributions to all aspects of the production
   Ability to provide constructive and proactive approaches to problem solving during dailies in support of the goals in the agenda
   Ability to work collaboratively to reach a common goal and vision including the ability to be flexible and fill in for a fellow student who needs help.
   Ability to find someone to fill in if an emergency keeps you from finishing your work on time.

50% Productivity

Notebook completion and organization
Ability to meet deadlines
Ability to organize your time and apply your skills
Ability to complete assigned shots
Ability to take on production tasks and to complete them.
               Ability and willingness to take on extra work and do the job, especially contributions are made near the end of a production.
  Ability to behave appropriately on your team.
  Ability to effectively and efficiently lead the areas you’ve been assigned.
     To fill out and submit all self-critiques covering your assessment of how you have functioned in the class as well as all requested critique analysis worksheets that assess how you feel about the work you produced individually and as part of a group.

4 Golden Rules for the Animation Capstone
Stay Positive. Collaborative, interdisciplinary work is fraught with potential misunderstanding and confusion even under the best of circumstances. In industry it is critical to do your best to be a positive influence on the team and support the Director. It's important to communicate well, make constructive suggestions and to avoid dwelling on the negative. Turn it around and be respectful and helpful. Work well with your colleagues and Director so that the process moves as smoothly as possible.
Do something. If you have work assigned to you and that work is due in for review, do something and submit it for review. You are much better off turning in work that is incomplete for the group/Director to review than nothing at all. If you turn in nothing the production group cannot progress. If you learn to present your work so that you get constructive feedback, we all can move forward.
Follow the direction and accept feedback from the Director, even when it doesn't seem like good feedback to you. If you are asked to do something and you feel that you could do it in a different and better way, do the work that you were asked to do first, and do it the way you were asked to do it and then do the work the way you feel it should be done. When both are complete show the Director who will be able to see your work and decide which solution fits best. The Director will make the ultimate decision but showing your idea is much better than ignoring the Director's request and decision. If you can show a better solution and the Director agrees, then you will have helped the project move forward. Of you don't do what were asked to do by the Director, you will hold the whole team back.
The Director alone approves every element of the pipeline before it moves forward. This is called green lighting the production work and is done in industry before each element can move to the next stage of the pipeline. No one else can green light production work because the process then becomes chaotic and unstable. This is consistent with industry and a very important aspect of any complex production. So, be careful not to move forward without the green light of the Director.