Questions to consider when analyzing any short animated film:

1. Can you find three acts?

2. Are the seven steps present?

3. Is there an emotional component to the story?

4. Is the story easily understood?

5. Is there an armature (sometimes there isn't. The story is sometimes just a series of gags or an incident.)

6. What is the armature?

7. Where do each of the three acts start and end?

8. What are the seven steps?

9. What is the quality/effectiveness of the character motion?

10. What is the quality of the character design?

11. What is the quality of the overall timing/pacing of the short?

12. How effective are the set/props/environment in enhancing your enjoyment and understanding of the story?

13. How do the sequence changes and camera shifts/angles enhance or detract from the storytelling experience?

14. Why is this story best told as an animated film?