Lab Rules

  1. Only students of the Animation Capstone are allowed in the labs. Anyone else must obtain specific permission from Barbara Mones before entering. This means no girlfriends/boyfriends/family members, etc. This is for the safety of the students as well as the security of our equipment.
  2. Our labs (Sieg 329 and 332) must be kept clean. They are community spaces, and it is important that they stay as clean as possible for everyone who uses them. This means keeping your own workstation clean, as well as doing your part to keep the floor and refrigerator clean. The kitchen in Sieg 319 is also used by other programs, so it is essential that you clean up your own messes, as well as return any dishes you may use as soon as possible after you're finished using them.
  3. Always follow the golden rules within our lab spaces.

  4. Note: You risk losing lab access if you are discovered breaking any of these rules.