Preproduction: Sets

Due on Tuesday, November 10th at 10:30 AM via thumb drive

Last week we asked you to research various beach locations in the US in order to try to make the connection between what you find and how that might connect best to our Nebbish story. You all did a great job.

This week we’d like to give you another assignment. Remember that these are not graded assignments but you must do something. Also, remember that your technical Maya assignments take precedence over the pre-production work.

With that understood, we’d like to encourage you to further investigate the location for our film. You were each given an Elements List in class. Use this Elements List to select three items you would like to research and help design. You can select any three that interest you. You will each be assigned one “set” to design and research for Nebbish based on your group membership. There are five sets that will need to be created and designed. Check out the set you’ve been assigned to work on below, then select three items from the Elements List, screen and review the current animatic very carefully to make sure these items belong in your assigned set and then start drawing and researching objects and live action or other animation on the web. Be sure to review the animatic so you know what is required for your set.

For Tuesday we will want to see both drawings (nothing fancy, super time consuming or fully rendered is required) and your support research. You are no longer tied to any specific physical beach location but drawing from the research you just concluded in the first pre-production assignment would be a smart idea.

Set Assignments

  1. Group 1 – Scuba Shop
  2. Group 2 – Dock
  3. Group 3 – Beach
  4. Group 4 – Underwater fantasy world
  5. Group 5 – Underwater real world

Note: We’re still throwing out a large net so to speak so bring in whatever you think would look best and support your story. Be sure to remember to limit your design and research to three items on the Elements List. That will give you plenty to do if you really focus.

You are not designing the final look and feel – you are helping us all iterate. We will get excited about all of the possibilities since we’re still close to the beginning of our project. One last thing -- please don’t be disappointed if we decide not to use your idea or any of the ideas for final designs. Your idea might be just what we need to help us iterate to another idea. So, without your thoughts and creative input, we will not be able to move forward and do much better work. Your work will really be collaborative if you end up helping each other and working together. You’ll also end up with a really polished professional short. Everyone will have their individual stamp on the film – but it will be a joint effort. Have a good time with this!!!