Preproduction: Location and Fantasy Sequences

We’re going to work as a capstone group to determine where your story takes place and also to start preparing the design for the fantasy sequences that will become the source for your Signature shot next quarter and the first production work you will do on your short. Each group can work together or separately to collect the reference you need. We’ve split each of you up into a group so that each location gets roughly the same research time and effort. Your pitch for the place you are researching will be presented to the class as a whole, even if the research is collected separately. Please pretend that whatever place you’ve been assigned IS the perfect place for the film to take place. Then you can do a much better and ore convincing pitch. At the end of the pitches, we will gather as a group and vote on either one place or a combination of looks that we all like.

Your pitches and research will be due on Tuesday November 3rd at 10:30 am (class time!) Please be ready to present your ideas. Each GROUP will have six minutes to pitch for their LOCATION and the FANTASY they've been assigned.

Each one of you also needs to bring in the perfect reference for one of these fantasy sequences:

Find your name in the group assignments listed below:

  1. Ocean City, Maryland

  2. Miami Beach, Florida

  3. Atlantic City, New Jersey

  4. Venice Beach, California

  5. Coney Island, New York