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Lecture Handouts

Here are online copies of the slides used in lectures. Please avoid printing them out! We always make enough printed copies for the whole class; if you missed one, there are probably extra copies in the filing cabinet in the graphics instructional lab. Look there first rather than wasting paper. Note also that Acrobat files are eminently readable online.

If you must print out a section of slides, try to print double-sided. Under UNIX, this typically involves adding an option like "-ZDuplex=DuplexNoTumble" to your lpr command. Under NT, it's an option in the "advanced" tab of the print properties dialog. For the option "print on both sides", select "Long Side".

Thanks for saving paper!

Topic Title Format
1 Visual Perception PS PDF
2 Color PS PDF
3 Computers and Color PS PDF
4 Image Processing PS PDF
5 Compositing PS PDF
6 2D Transformations PS PDF
7 3D Transformations PS PDF
8 Quaternions PS PDF
9 Hierarchical Modeling PS PDF
10 Projections PS PDF
11 Hidden Surface Removal PS PDF
12 Raytracing Basics PS PDF
13 Raytracing Details PS PDF
14 Shading PS PDF
15 Shading Interpolation PS PDF
16 Texture Mapping PS PDF
17 Curves PS PDF
18 Curve Details PS PDF
19 Surfaces PS PDF
20 Surface Modeling PS PDF
Extra Particle Systems PDF
21 Particle Systems PS PDF
22 Animation Principles PS PDF
23 Motion Transformations PS PDF

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