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Project Grading

Projects are graded during 15 minute in-person grading sessions. A sign up sheet will be posted in Sieg 228 just prior to the due date for the assignment.

Grading sessions will consist of:

The project implementations will be graded on a 10-point scale. Unlimited extra credit is possible on each project; however, each additional point of extra credit is twice as difficult to achieve as the previous point.

Each extra credit item is rated with a nominal value of "bells" and "whistles". One bell carries the same credit as two whistles. An actual implementation of an extra credit item may be worth somewhat more or less than its nominal value, depending on how well it was implemented.

No extra credit can be earned until ALL of the required parts of the project are complete. Before beginning work on extra-credit bells and whistles, have a TA look at your project and sign off that the required parts of the project are done.

In general, every team member will receive the same project implementation grade (although not necessarily the same project knowledge grade). However, we reserve the right to give different project implementation grades to different students on the team, for extreme circumstances in which it is clear that one or more members of the team contributed little or nothing to the project.

Project knowledge will be graded on a 3-point scale, separately for each team member. Here's a rough breakdown to give you a feeling for how points will be assigned:

1 pt:
Almost clueless: Answers to questions showed a severe lack of understanding. (I don't expect anybody to get this grade!)
2 pts:
Answers to questions showed an understanding at only a superficial level.
3 pts:
Answers to questions demonstrated a thorough understanding of the project. This is is the grade we expect to give almost all of the time.
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