Autumn 1998 Articulate Artifacts

Please rank these artifacts submitted for the Articulate project (10=highest, 1=lowest). The highest-ranking artifacts will be awarded some extra credit (to be determined).

You must enter your UW student number at the bottom of the form, and only votes from CSE 457 students and staff will be counted. If you vote more than once, only your last set of votes will be counted.

"Hopper" by Amy Tam
"Yoshi" by Bibek Pandey
"Panda" by Bradley Liu
"Stereo" by Brett Shirley
Untitled by Chiu Ho
"Space Bug" by Chris Caywood
"Slime" by Chris Fong
"Pikachuadd" by Chris Lee
Untitled by Daniel Crawford
"Daramon" by Daniel Yek
"Megatron" by Diane Phan
"Homer" by Jay Byon
"Pimpbot" by Jeff Franklin
"Lamps" by Jeff Nichols
Untitled by Karlen Lie
"Mario Brothers" by Keva Moskowitz
"Turtle" by Kevin Zatloukal
Untitled by Konstantin Komissarchik
"Kenny" by Kurtis Chinn
"GoldBody" by Leo Lai
"R2D2" by Marc Kubischta
"Teddy" by Nathan Freier
Untitled by Nathan Moore
"Spider" by Pat Carey
"Clock" by Pei Wai Chiu
"Energizer Bunny" by Rob Goree
"Robot" by Robert Howard
"Strut" by Jake Russell
Untitled by Sean McDaniel
"Computer" by Susan Shinoda
"Frog" by Tammy Horn
Untitled by Theodora Yeung
"Rainwing" by Wyvern (K Aldinger)
"Penguin" by Young Kim
Untitled by Yuen-Fai Lo
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