Lecture Notes and Applets

Each lecture is provided in PDF format. In addition, the "extras" column contains links to relevant web pages and applets.

Warning: Many of the applets require a Java plugin to work correctly in your browser.

Lecture Slides Additional Handouts Extras
Displays and framebuffers 01_overview
01_displays  01_displays(ink)
Vector Displays, Raster Displays
LCD Displays, OLED Displays
LCD Monitor Deconstruction (YouTube)
Image processing 02_image_processing  02_image_processing_ink
Image processing text Snoop (Win, Mac, Linux), YIQ filtering
Affine transformations 03_affine  03_affine_ink
Hierarchical modeling 04_hierarchical   04_hierarchical_ink
Surfaces of revolution 05_surfaces_of_revolution  05_surfaces_of_revolution_ink
Shading 06_shading  06_shading_ink  06_shading_ink2 Szymon's BRDF viewer
Texture mapping 07_texture_mapping  07_texture_mapping_ink  07_texture_mapping_ink2 Marble Applet
Projections 08_projections 08_projections_ink
Ray tracing,
Accelerated ray tracing
09_ray_tracing  09_ray_tracing_ink  09_ray_tracing_ink2 Ray tracing text, Triangle intersections Photon Mapping, Reflection/Refraction Applet
Monte Carlo ray tracing
10_anti_aliased  10_anti_aliased_ink
Parametric curves 11_param_curves  11_param_curves_ink  11_param_curves_ink2 11_param_curves_ink3 Curve Demos, De Casteljau Demo, Bezier Curves,
Curve Interpolation,
C2 interpolating curves
Bezier and Spline Curves (Interactive Web App)
Particle Systems 12_particle_system  12_particle_system_ink  12_particle_system_ink2 Differential equation basics,
Particle system dynamics
Parametric surfaces 13_parametric_surfaces  13_parametric_surfaces_ink Bezier patch interactive demonstration
Subdivision curves
and surfaces
4_subdivision  4_subdivision_ink Subdivision text Pixar video explanation
Animation principles 15_animation_principles  Lasseter paper on animation principles Perlin Walkers, Pixar Shorts