\ CSE 457 Project Turnin Procedures
CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter 2010

Project Turnin Procedures

You do not need to submit a detailed description of everything you did for the project. You do need to submit your binary and source code with the timestamp on or before the due date, and, eventually, an artifact. In your main directory:

Windows: \\ntdfs.cs.washington.edu\cs\unix\projects\instr\CurrentQtr\cse457\<project-name>\<group-name>

Linux: /projects/instr/CurrentQtr/cse457/<project-name>/<group-name>

you will find three separate turnin sub-directories. [Note: "group-name" is not necessarily the group name you selected in the Grouper application. It is always the hyphenated combination of your user ID and your partner's.]

Here is where you need to put copies of your files:

The grading will consist of a staff member running your project right out of the binary directory and stepping through the features. We will verify the timestamp of the executable. We will consult source code as needed.

Remote submission from Windows

If you wish to submit your project remotely from windows but cannot reach the \\ntdfs.cs.washington.edu drive remotely, then there are a couple of options available to you.

Secure FTP

You can upload your files using a secure FTP client.UW provides a free client called SSH Secure FTP, which has a decent GUI. It comes as part of UWICK:


After installing:

  1. If a login prompt doesn't start immediately, hit the "Quick Connect" button.
  2. Enter the name of your favorite departmental server (e.g., attu.cs.washington.edu) and your username.
  3. If this is your first login, you will get prompted with the option to save the key for future use. Choose this option and hit OK.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. You may at this point have an SSH terminal open. To open the FTP window, do "Window...New File Transfer..."
  6. Do "Operation...Go to folder..." and enter:
  7. Navigate to the current project and your group's turnin directory.
  8. Drag and drop your files into the folders.
  9. [Recommended] If you plan to repeat this process for future projects, you can click the Profiles button, then Add Profile.. and give the session a name (e.g., attu). In the future, you can go directly to "Profiles" and select the server.

Remote desktop

  1. Put your files where you can get to them from a campus machine.
  2. Run remote desktop to: aria.cs.washington.edu. You should be able to find remote desktop under Start...Programs...Acessories...Communications...
  3. Locate or download the files from step #1.
  4. Copy your files into your turnin directory.