CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter 2010

Impressionist Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the sample solution doesn't run on my computer?
If you have run the Impressionist sample solution without VS2008 installed on your machine, you may encounter an error about incorrect application configuration. The reason is that this executable requires some VS2008 DLLs. You can get past the problem by either installing VS2008, or installing just the DLL's from this link. Please note this solution only works for release mode executables (which the sample solution is).

Why doesen't glEnable work inbetween glBegin and glEnd?
This is because the glBegin-glEnd block works with the current state of the computer.

Is there a way to catch OpenGL errors?
When it seems like nothing is happening, OpenGL is often returning an error message. To check for this, use the following code:

GLenum error_flag;

error_flag = glGetError();
if(error_flag != GL_NO_ERROR) {
printf("Error: %1s (%i) in %1s.\n",gluErrorString(error_flag),error_flag,"method name");