CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter 2010

Animator Inspiration


Autumn 2006
football frog story rubik's cube

Felix Chu & Bobby Mathews

David Ruddell & Kendal Sager

Chris Ash

Spring 2006
Panda Danger Zone Cloth and Ball

Christopher Gonterman & Daniel Otero : Panda

Yegor Malinovskiy & Tomas Pulmano : Danger Zone

Brian Koropoff & Kevin Chiu :
Cloth and Ball

Autumn 2005
Chicken Turtle red eyed guy The Dragon Who Ate Too Much

David Chen & Peter Lincoln :

Chicken Turtle

Nathaniel True & Peter Turschmid

 Stephen Atwell & Kyle Marcroft :
The Dragon Who Ate Too Much

Spring 2005
The Traveller lamps robot

Troy Johnson :

The Traveller

Kiarash Ghadianipour & Oliver Huslid

Daniel Arrington & Clayton Dillaway

Autumn 2004
Girl with Box Strong bad Lego Man

Diane Hu & Marcel Tam :


Dean Halford & Shiaokai Wang :

Strong Bad 3D

 Chris Gillum & Ronald Romain :

Lego Adventure

Spring 2004
Gumby Dance Lego Invasion

Matt Milcic & Chad Towns :

Gumby Dance

Mike Lindmark & Dave Doan

  Bao Nguyen & Thomas Ortman :


Other Notable Winners
Volcano Island Paradise The Duel

Stephen Schimitt & Mathew Woolley

Jason Dang & Eugene Lam :

Mystic Island Paradise

Steve Martin & Eric Curre :

The Duel

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CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter 2010
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