CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring Quarter 2006

Project Turnin Procedures

You do not need to submit a detailed description of everything  you did for the project. You do need to submit your binary and source code with the timestamp on or before the due date, and, eventually, an artifact.  In your main directory


you will find three separate turnin sub-directories. [Note: "your-group-name" is not necessarily the group name you selected in the Grouper application.  It is always the hyphenated combination of your user ID and your partner's.]

Here is where you need to put copies of your files:

The grading will consist of a staff member running your project right out of the binary directory and stepping through the features. We will verify the timestamp of the executable.  We will consult source code as needed.

Remote submission from Windows: mounting gfilesrv1

You can mount:


using, e.g., Start...Run..., and supply your username as "CSEPCLAB\<username>". 

If this doesn't work, then you may need to update your windows configuration:


If it still doesn't work, then your ISP may be blocking certain Windows ports.

Remote submission from Windows: remote desktop

  1. Put your files where you can get to them from a campus machine. (E.g., put them on a linux server or on the web.)
  2. Run remote desktop to: aria.cs.washington.edu.  You should be able to find remote desktop under Start...Programs...Acessories...Communications...
  3. Mount the directory in #1.
  4. Download your files into your turnin directory.

Remote submission from linux

In case you end up needing to move your files from home to a dept. linux machine, and from there to the turn-in directories, you can use smbclient as follows:

  1. cd into directory where your files are on the linux server
  2. Run smbclient and cd into the project (e.g., impressionist) directory on the windows
          smbclient '\\gfilesrv1\courses' -W csepclab
          cd cse457-05sp/impressionist
  3. cd into your particular turn-in directory on the windows server
  4. You can now put files into the turn-in directory in the usual ftp style, e.g., using the "mput" command.  To copy all files, use "mput *".  If you want to copy subdirectories, you may need to type "recurse" before running mget.  If you don't want to be prompted, you may need to type "prompt" before running mget.
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