CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring Quarter 2003

Installing FLTK...

In the lab

FLTK is already installed and configured in the Graphics Lab and 2nd/3rd floor labs.  The files are located in the directory "d:\local\fltk".

At home

1. Copy FLTK files

2. Configure MSVC

3. Verify that your project is linking with the correct library

That's it!

Expert Installation


1. Install Mesa
As the first step, you must install MesaGL. You can get the source of MesaGL from here. To install it,
> gunzip MesaLib-3_0_tar.gz
> tar -xvf MesaLib-3_0_tar
> cd Mesa-3.0
> make linux-386
Serveral minutes later, you will have libMesaGL.a and LibMesaGLU.a in Mesa-3.0/lib and a directory called GL in Mesa-3.0/include. I usually prefer to copy all these files into ~/local/lib and ~/local/include such that I can access all the libraries without remembering tons of paths.

2. Install Fltk
Now, we try to make fltk. You can get the source from here.
> gunzip fltk-1_0_9-source_tar.gz
> tar -xvf fltk-1_0_9-source_tar
> ./configure 
> make

Create a local directory in you home dir
Open makeinclude file and change the prefix variable to the your local

> make install
> cp fltk-1_0_9/fluid/fluid ~/local/bin
> cp fltk-1_0_9/
That's it. You will have
'fluid' in ~/local/bin,
two directories, FL and Fl, in include
and libfltk.a in lib.

Now everyting is in ~/local, you need to change the value of the variable, $(LOCAL), in Makefile to ~/lcoal. NOTE: If you are having trouble still to compile, I provide you with the zipped libraries (FLTK and MesaGL here). Just try to unzip this to your local directory. [an error occurred while processing this directive]