Creating AVI Files in Adobe Premiere

This is a very brief overview of the steps needed to create an AVI file from a sequence of still images using Adobe Premiere.

Important: your sequence of still images needs to have the frame number embedded in the filename:

and so on. Adobe Premiere will recognize these named files as part of a sequence that way.

  1. Start Adobe Premiere and let it start a new project for you (the default action).
  2. Right-click in the "Project" window and select "Import --> File" from the menu that appears.
  3. Select the first of your sequence of images, and check the "Numbered Stills" box.
  4. Premiere will open the entire sequence of images and store them in the Premiere project window as one animation.
  5. Drag the animation from the Project window to the Timeline window, into the "Video 1" track.
  6. Adjust the work area slider (at the top of the Timeline window) so that its length equals that of the animation you just dragged there.
  7. Select "Enter" to preview the project. You will be prompted to save the project before previewing.
  8. To create the AVI, select "File --> Export --> Movie" and make sure "Microsoft AVI" is the type of animation file that will be created. Select the "Cinepak" codec and adjust the "Quality" slider to your liking. Also, the frame size can be adjusted -- for smoother playback, a smaller frame size, such as 320x240, should be selected.