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Brian Curless, Faculty Advisor [e-mail]
Craig Kaplan, Graduate Student Advisor [e-mail]
Jake Russell, Undergraduate Honors Student Author [e-mail]
Papers and Documentation

Russell, Jake, An Interactive Web-Based Ray Tracing Visialuzation Tool, [html] [doc] [pdf] Submitted as undergraduate honors program senior thesis requirement at the University of Washington Department of Computer Science, June 1999.
Browser Setup Instructions
Java Plug-in 1.2 and Java3D 1.1.1 - Windows Installation Instructions
RayTracing Visualization Tools
Checkerboard HTML Scene - a demonstration of SeeRay, SeeRendered, and GetRayConfig Applets - requires Plug-In and Java3D.
Items available for download:
  • raytrace.jar - Compiled RayTracing visualization tools (distribution pack containing all raytracing visualization Applets)
  • GetRayConfig.java source code distribution
  • RayConfigReceiver.java interface distribution
  • checkerboard.ray - a sample raytracing scene input file
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