CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Assignment #4 ( critique analysis required)

Monday July 9th at 5 pm
Tuesday July 10th bring in printed copies to class

Using one of the armatures listed below as a guide, you will create a title, 7 steps, a beatsheet, a sequence and shot list and turn them in before class on Monday July 9th via email.  Please bring 2 printed copies of the material you email with you to class so that we can review them. 

Remember to pay particular attention to the Personal Hell exercise. You'll need that to help you develop the arc of the main character in your story. If you have problems in any of the areas of your  visual story development, the best thing to do is do something/anything -- fill in what you can so that you/we have something to work with. Also try to build on some personal experience you've had in order to make your story both more universal and more personal. Also, remember that practice is critical to getting better at visual storytelling. Just try out any options before selecting the one that seems to capture your mind and heart. 

Here are the armatures. Select one and stick to it for now -- it's good for you to have the discipline especially when it's much easier to move along when things get more challenging!

A. We are all more alike than we are different
B. The fear of death follows from the fear of life.
C. Character is defined by how you treat those who can do nothing for you
D. The best liars often get caught in their own lies.

You can find examples of a beatsheet  in your Examples section of the courseweb
You can also find examples of a Sequence and shot list in the same section

Here are your limitations when developing your story

1  No more than three characters
2. Use a simple, inside set
3. Story needs to be told in less than 4 minutes -- preferably closer to three
4. Story needs to be designed to be visualized best as an animated film. 
5. You will need to select Audio for the final animatic so please keep this in mind now. 
6. You will also have the option to add foley in later assignments so please keep this in mind.