CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Assignment #3

You will be creating another new story!


Story Creation: This time I'd like you to incorporate your understanding of the concept of Personal Hell ( based on our exercise in class) and clones ( based on the lecture and examples in class) into this new story. You will continue to work with a defined armature and seven steps. The armature is to be defined and presented by you. Please use the checklist already provided in class to help you develop and refine your story idea.


Tuesday July 3, 2012 you'll be doing Improv in class and we'll cover Story Pitching. Thursday July 5th 2012 you will be pitching your story idea in class so you need to be ready! Also, we will have an actor in the class working with you on story improv and to respond to your pitches. Brian McDonald will also work on story pitching and story improv with you. Please consider an idea that you can get excited about and can "sell" to your audience in no more than 2 minutes each.


Revise your story based on the feedback you receive on Thursday July 5th in class and then submit it for review. We will use the same checklist you do in order to review your work and provide feedback. Remember that, in addition to the checklist, please try to incorporate the feedback from your pitches to improve your stories. This might mean challenging your audience to use their imagination, taking advantage of animation as an art form, editing out what is unnecessary, and "showing" not "telling" whenever possible. Avoid "realize" when describing a character 's behavior in a story. Use active language. Remember to act out your story whenever it will help the audience feel drawn into the action of your story and remain engaged.


In your Lab this week, you will be adding the understanding of faux animation to your story ideas.

There will also be a brief introduction to the Cinematic Sandbox and a Cinematic Sandbox lab.

Please turn in your revisions for assignment #3 (your story with feedback incorporated from the Thursday July 5th class) by Monday July 9th at 5 pm via email to cse456-staff@cs.washington.edu so that we can review your work before class next week. Also bring in your Personal Hell Exercise sheets (you do NOT need to email these) this Thursday June 28th 2012. You will receive a copy of the Hell sheets in class or you may find a copy of the Hell sheets online here.