CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation


Iteration 5: New Year's Date with Mei (7/21/09)

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- Beatsheet
- Shot List
- Thumbnails: 1, 2, 3, 4
- Storyreel

1) Once upon a time there was a panda named Yao who wanted to impress a girl panda named Mei. 
2) And every day, Yao did everything excessively, including his attempts to win Mei’s affection. 
3) Until one day he had a date with Mei on New Year’s and right as he finished his elaborate, excessive decorating and making large quantities of heavily-seasoned food, she arrived at his house.
4) And because of this, he brought out the first course but when Mei tried to get him to watch the fireworks with her he was inspired to put fireworks in her food, something which Mei tolerated (along with his awful cooking).
5) And because of this, he decorated the next course with a more extreme display of fireworks, which was slightly worrying to Mei but she was more interested in Yao than put off by the fireworks, but Yao was too worried about impressing her to notice her advances. 
6) Until finally, he brought out a cake with so many fireworks that it blew up, upsetting Mei and causing her to storm out and so Yao went to apologize, bringing a huge pile of flowers to Mei. 
7) And ever since that day, Yao learned to take things in moderation and so he tossed away the excess flowers and gave her a single rose, winning him a kiss from Mei.

ARMATURE: Moderation is the key.


  • Mid-20’s
  • Short-sighted, eager-to-please, insecure, nervous
  • Thinks that more is better.  He compensates for his insecurities with excessive behavior.
  • He likes to cook, but there is room for improvement
  • Has a crush on Mei and is hoping to win her over with dinner
  • He and Mei have been friends for a while
  • Friendly, genuine, tries too hard in all areas of his life, overachiever
  • Nervous about lady pandas in general


  • Mid-20’s
  • Kind, gentle, thoughtful, good-humored, tactful
  • Has a crush on Yao and is interested in more than friendship
  • Likes Yao because she can see he cares, even if his attempts to impress are misguided
  • Plays along with Yao’s attempts to impress her, but really she’s interested in him
  • Forgives easily


The story takes place in modern China, although the time period is somewhat ambiguous and not very important to the story.  The meal will take place right outside the house and fireworks are present because it is New Years.  The fireworks that are used in the food are hanging around the table as decorations for New Years.  The kitchen is the room closest to the eating area.

 1. Is the story as clear and succinct as you can make it? If it isn't, how can it be improved?
- Yes, we think that the story is succinct and easily understood.

2. Do you have a visual style in mind for your story and if so, can you describe it or provide visual reference?
- We are going to use a cartoon style to take advantage of illustrating extreme emotions and body movement to represent our characters.  We have chosen pandas as our main characters since they are native to China and because they will be easy to relate to and appealing to look at.

3. Why should this story be told? Why would anyone care?
- The story should be told because it is about moderation and being able to realize when something is going well, rather than overdoing it.

4. Is there an emotional hook in your story? Is it engaging?
- People can understand wanting to impress people and gain approval, whether it be from a romantic interest, a boss, a friend, etc...  It is engaging because of the quick pacing, humor, and fun characters.

5. Have you captured the visual transition in your story? Have you captured and illustrated the story beats? If not, what can you do to improve your visual storytelling?
- We think that we have captured the overall flow and transitions of the story and have improved our camera positions since last time to reflect changes in mood and action.