CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Assignment #5

For Today – July 9 2009 at 10:30

1. Revise story, beatsheet, pitch and armature based on feedback from class today
2. Complete Sequence and Shot List document
3. Draw 10-15 storyboard storyboards that illustrate your complete story (use your beatsheet and 7 steps to help you identify what boards to create)
Please Note: Revised thumbnails not due until Sunday

For Sunday July 12 at 5pm:

Create voiceover (Robert Gay, your TA, will help both groups with their initial voiceover starting at 2pm on Sunday in Sieg 310) Please coordinate with him on times. 

Create character design sheet (check your character design sample in the packet you received last Thursday) and character descriptions (based on sample in your packet from today). 

Draw family Tree (you will get an example in class).

Draw site map (Again, see example in packet you received in class) 

Draw revised thumbnails based on feedback you received from TA's and class reviews. 

Provide visual references that inspire your character descriptions e.g. youtube video and pictures from Google or live action footage from anywhere. Send us an email with the video links and pictures so that we can see them.



Revise your story and beatsheet and storyboards based on the feedback you get in class and what you have learned about story and story development thus far. Then create your storyboards on the index cards Barbara gave you and bring them to class. Create a simple storyreel and add some faux animation in to enhance the audience experience of the story. Use what you learn from your faux animation lab exercise to help you with the faux animation. Use the Simpson’s handout as a resource for your board designs along with help from your TA’s.

Create a character design sheet that includes three adjectives and a paragraph to make the character and their motivations connect with their physical reality and to make them more real to your audience. See an example of this in the packet you received in class. Create a Family Tree. Again, you will have an example to review before approaching your own. Create a site or location by drawing a “plan” – overhead view of the site. Use the examples you have been given in class as a starting point. Bring your story alive!

Again, each group needs to plan to bring 10 copies of your revised story, along with your beatsheet and thumbnail drawings on July 10 to share with the class. Bring in 10 individual storyboards covering your full story so that we can put them up on the whiteboard to review and edit them. Design SEQUENCE NAMES and temporary shot numbers.

You must provide visual reference for support including preliminary character drawings and photographs in order to bring us into your story world.

You will also create a voiceover for the class to hear that follows your story and enhances the audience experience of the story.  Create one copy of your storyreel.

Your next story iteration including armature and 7 steps, thumbnails/boards, voice over and character design is due in to me and the rest of the course staff on Sunday July 12th at 5 pm. Bring 10 copies to class for review on July 14th .

Again, here are the criteria we will be using to evaluate your work:

  • Limited to two characters
  • Can be produced and understood using a 3 minute maximum length
  • Story takes place in one setting and that setting is indoors
  • Define your characters by assigning three adjectives to describe them.
  • Define a specific time and place for your story.
  • Provide a visual representation of the story that supports your seven steps in a way that best dramatizes your story.
  • Remember for your pitches to show excitement for the story. Fall in love with the story.
  • Remember why it is important that this story be told and present that to the audience.
  • Do whatever you need to in order to bring the audience into the story experience.
  • Be the characters. Act it out. Practice ahead of time. Practice more than you think you need to.
  • Be Creative!!!

Also, please answer the following questions about each one of your stories:

1. Is your story as clear and succinct as you can make it?
2. Do you have a visual style in mind for your story and if so, can you describe it or provide visual reference?
3. Why should this story be told? Why would anyone care?
4. Have you captured the visual transitions in your story? Have you captured and illustrated the story beats?


Lab Assignment #2:

Layers to animate

For your lab assignment you will be introduced to faux animation followed by this faux animation assignment:

You will be asked to create a short mock faux animation assignment. The purpose of the assignment will be for you to put together a few layers and animate a pencil dropping from a hand and turning a light off.

Your lab assignment along with the most recent story revisions and character ,site design and storyreel will be due in class on Tuesday July 14th.  Feel free to write email with questions anytime.

Your last lab exercise will be about cinematography and editing and will be completed next week during your lab time.


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