CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Assignment #2

Submitted Stories

Assignment  #2  is split into two parts.  The written component for Part A is due via email by June 29th at noon. Part A includes a both a written and lab component, where the lab component is due on Tuesday, June 30th by the beginning of lab.
Part B includes only a lab component. Part B is due in by July 2 and will be reviewed during the lab session on that day. See below for details. 


For Assignment #2,  you will be creating 7 steps and an armature for each of three stories. In addition, you will be writing several sentences for each story that address questions about that story.

The Assignment:

When you have completed your optional review exercise of your story *( see note below) from Assignment #1, start your work on the three stories you will be submitting for your next assignment.  

Please write THREE stories. You will include a title, 7 steps in order, and, following this, 2 brief paragraphs. 

Your paragraph for each story should include:

- Where and when the story takes place, 

- Whether there is an obstacle for the main character to overcome and if so, if the character was able to overcome it. 

- Why your story should be presented as an animated film

- Why it is important that your story be told

Here's a review of the 7 steps for you:

1. Once upon a time

2. And every day

3. Until one day

4. And because of this

5. And because of this

6. Until finally

7. And ever since that day

Please send your stories with the completed assignment requirements to the following email addresses: 




For Tuesday June 30th, bring two printed copies of each of your three stories to class as we will be using them for our work during class. 

* Note:  Before you approach Assignment #2 you may wish to go through the exercise of revising your story from Assignment #1 and creating seven steps and an armature followed by answering the questions posed to you above for Assignment #2. Then you can approach your three new stories having been through it all once. This is not a requirement but a suggestion.

Lab Assignment #1:

Part A: Due in Tuesday, June 30 by 1 pm

You will be creating three storyboard frames based on the events in one of your stories.   These storyboard images should illustrate Step 1 (Once upon a time…), Step 3 (Until one day…), and Step 7 (And ever since that day…).  These images should be small and simple. Do not stress out about creating fabulous artwork.  For lab on Tuesday, bring with you either digital copies or drawings to be scanned.  In lab you will be coloring your images with the assistance of the TAs as well as getting an introduction to Adobe Premiere.

Part B: Due for review on Thursday, July 2

You will be creating a short mock-storyreel from the storyboard images you have created using Premiere.  You will be required to use two effects transitions and one audio clip to accentuate your colored storyboard images.  Your storyreel should then be exported as a quicktime (.mov) file.   This is simply an exercise in using Photoshop and Premiere, do not worry about making your storyreel perfect.  Bring questions about this process to lab on Thursday and the TAs will help you if you need assistance.  By Monday at noon you will be expected to have a completed mini-storyreel in the turn-in folder** (colored storyboard images, transitions, audio, exported movie).

** Note: Please name your storyreel so that we can locate it easily using the following format:  lastname_firstname_lab1. The turn-in folder can be found on the network at the following location: \\ntdfs\cs\unix\projects\instr\production5\cse456_sum09_student_files\lab_1_exported_movie