CSE 456 - Storyreel and DVD Design and Production for CG Animation

Connecting to the animation network space

Windows (on campus)

  1. Open My Network Places from the Start Menu. If it's not listed in the Start Menu, you should be able to get to it by opening My Computer and selecting it from among the Other Places on the left side of the window.

  2. Go to "Add a network place."

  3. The Add Network Place Wizard will open.

  4. Choose another network location.

  5. For the network address, enter "\\preproduction\production\cse456_su05".

  6. Give the network place a name. A shortcut to the network location will be placed in My Network Places.

  7. Mac (on campus)

    1. In the Go menu, select "Connect to Server..."

    2. For the Server Address, enter "smb://preproduction/production" and Connect.

    3. A window will pop up asking for your username and password to connect to the network. Make sure the domain is CSEPCLAB, then enter your CSENetID and password.

    4. A new "PRODUCTION" icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click this to open the network folder. From there you will find the cse456_su05 folder.

    Windows (off campus)

    1. Open a Command Prompt and enter in the following command:
      net use [driveletter]: \\preproduction.cs.washington.edu\production /user:CSEPCLAB\[username] [password]
      For example, in the above window, the network location would be mapped to the drive letter P: