CSE 456 - Storyreel and DVD Design and Production for CG Animation

Greedy King

Once upon a time: There was a king who loved money so much that he would do anything to get more.

And everyday: he would lie to his people and tell them that the enemies armies are attacking and that he needs the money to increase the army and defenses and protect their country.

Until one day: realized that he always lies and they decided not to believe him anymore and not to give him money.

Because of that: when the enemies armies where actually attacking the people didn't believe the king.

Because of this: the enemies attacked the country and the king had to use all of his own money to protect himself.

Until finally: he realized that greed of money wouldn't help him at all and that he has to take care of his people.

Ever since then: he became a good king and never falsely asked for money from his people.

Piggy Banks

Armature: Measure not your self-worth by another's moment in the sun.

Once upon a time, there was a porcelain elephant figurine named Eli who sat upon little Johnny's desk.

And everyday Eli lived happily as Johnny would put what spare change he found next to him.

Until one day, Johnny put his newly purchased piggybank named Orson next to Eli on the desk.

And because of this, any loose change Johnny found would be deposited into Orson's back slot.

And because of this, Eli felt jealous and neglected.

Until finally, a hammer struck Orson when his belly became filled with change which Johnny used to buy a porcelain lady elephant named Ella.

And ever since that day, Eli and Ella sat upon Johnny's desk content with being simple paperweights...
...even when Johnny bought another piggybank!

Old Guy Rock

Armature: It's good to rock!

Once upon a time there was a grumpy old man.

And every day he would sit in his apartment and read the paper.

Until one day he heard rock music coming from the unit below him.

And because of this he stomped his feet and yelled to make the musicians stop.

And because of this his stomps and yells started to fall in place with the music.

Until finally he realized that he was rocking, and it felt good.

And ever since that day, the old man was no longer grumpy.


Armature: Everybody is useful in someway and the fact that some people, possibly many, don't seem to need you doesn't mean that you can't be of perfect use for anyone.

Once upon a time there was little bicycle in a bike shop that was so anxious and excited to get an owner, like a giddy puppy in a pet store.

And everyday he would wait as other bikes were purchased and wheeled out happily in front of him, poking fun at him.

Until one day when people showed some interest in him but in various ways they all seemed to choose other bikes because he wasn't quite right for them.

And because of all of this he felt worthless but still had an excitement anytime that someone would even go near him in the store let alone think about buying. Day after day.

And because of all of this he no longer cared when others were bought and came and went past him. He sulked in the front corner of the store.

Until finally a little boy yielding a check written for $50 birthday money giddily strolls through the door. The boy can only afford the little bike but is happy anyway. He buys it.

Ever since that day the two ride together and enjoy life to the fullest. The bike doesn't feel useless as he puts a smile finally onto someone's face, which, in turn puts one back onto his own.


Armature: There's someone right for everyone.

Once upon a time there was a friendly and lonely Medusa.

And every day she would go on a date and accidentally turn her date to stone.

Until one day she went out with the Tin Man.

And because of this they had a great time.

And because of this the Tin Man wanted to see her face, which she covered with a paper bag to protect her dates.

Until finally the Tin Man took the bag off and, to her surprise, was not affected as he was made of metal.

And ever since that day they lived happily in love, raising a family of Tin-Medusas.