CSE 456 - Storyreel and DVD Design and Production for CG Animation

Grade calculation: 50% - quality of individual work contributing to final product
                                50% - participation and collaboration

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JUN 21

Introduction and Overview (Barbara)

Lecture (Brian) Introduction to Story Construction


JUN 23

Lecture (Barbara) Introduction to The Animation Production Pipeline.

Lecture (Brian) Story Construction Part Two

7-9pm TA's Scanning Images and an intro to Premiere

Assignment 1:  Individual Story Design Part One: The Seven Steps

Goal : Designing a 2-3 minute animated film.

JUN 28

Review Assignment 1


JUN 30

Lecture (Brian) Introduction to Story Pitches

Screenings of the best of the best short animated films, discussion of relative merits of these films.


Lecture (Barbara)  Story Pitches, Screenings, and Shot Breakdowns.

Assignment 2: Final Script


Lecture (Wayne) Storyboard development

Review Assignment 2

Assignment 3: Story Pitch for Wayne
Assignment 4: Story Panels

JUL 12

Lecture (Brian and Barbara) - Layout
and Cinematography, Pacing for Story, Motion Principles

Individual Pitch Reviews

Assignment 4: Story Panels due for review

JUL 14

Lecture (Barbara) Producing and Directing for animated films.

Storyreel, Pitch and Script Reviews: Student Work in Progress.

Technical Demos - Character Animation and Motion Capture

Assignment 5: Story Panels with Storyreel

JUL 19

Lecture Story Direction and Music
( or Motion Capture Demo)

Individual Pitch Reviews

Storyreel Review with Audio

Assignment 6: Final Presentation
JUL 21

Lecture (Brian and Barbara)  Wrap Up

Assignment 6: Final Presentations (Final storyreels)