Grilled Bacon with Avocado

Hye In Kim
CSE455 Computer Vision
Project 1 Artifact

Original Images | Mask Images | Final Image

Original Images
  1. First Image: Kevin Bacon

    This is a combined image of Kevin Bacon and a bacon.

  2. Second Image: Grilled Avocado

    This is an image of avocados being grilled.

Mask made with iScissor

I used iScissor to cut out Kevin Bacon from the first image and the mask formed as a result is shown on the right.

Final Image

To arrive at my final image I did the following steps in Photoshop:

  1. Step 1: Resize the background image

    I increased size of the grilled avocado image from 259x195 to 700x526 so that it can be used as a background.

  2. Step 2: Cut out the Kevin Bacon

    I used layers and mask to cut Kevin Beacon from first image.

  3. Step 3: Combine Kevin Bacon with the Background

  4. Step 4: Transform and Position Kevin Bacon

    I shrinked Kevin Bacon so that it fits nicely on the background. I made two additional copies of kevin Bacon, fliped one horizontally and positioned them as shown in the final image.

  5. Step 5: Type the Advertizement

    I typed "Grilled Bacon with Avocado! Only $79999.99!" on the fianl image. I made two copies of the ad and colored the first two blue and the last pink. I then placed the pink one on top of the blue ones so that the ad can have better visibility.