Tips for making web pages

The web pages you make will be transferred from your turnin
directories to a web accessible place.

It will be helpful if your main web page is called index.html, and is
at the top level of the turnin directory.

Hopefully, most of you have access to places you can put public web
pages and view them.  Please put your artifact web pages there
temporarily, view them, and make sure they work before turning them
in!  This involves accessing them through an http url, not a file url.

Some common bugs you might run into:

1. Windows file names are case-insensitive, but web servers generally 
are not.  So if you made a spelling-capitalization mistake, you won't 
notice it if you only view the web page as a file.

2. If you use Word to build your web page, first reconsider your
choice!  Next, you might find that you have to correct all the URL's
to local files.  Some versions of Word will put \ slashes in the URL's
to local files, because that's the way Windows file systems work,
while web servers want / slashes.

3. For web pages to be relocatable, the references to local files need 
to be local, not global.

4. Don't use png images; they're great, I know, but some browsers out
of Redmond choke on them.