You will have access to the Graphics Instructional Lab, located in Sieg Hall, room 228.  This lab contains several Windows 2000 workstations donated by Intel.  These workstations have lots of RAM, powerful graphics cards and large monitors.  For this class you are also welcome to use your own machines at home for class projects and code development.  We will use standard libraries like FLTK and OpenGL that are free and easily available.

Please read the Lab guide for information about policies and rules related to the graphics lab.

Every student who is enrolled in the class will have card key access to 228 and accounts on the lab machines.  If you do not have access you need to fill out a purple form (see your instructor).  Non-essential files on these machines will be erased twice a week, so you should store essential data elsewhere.  For more permanent storage there are two options:

The workstation in the far left corner (the "media station") is devoted to capturing images and video.  Please give first priority to people who need to use it for this purpose.  In addition to the standard hardware and software, the media station is equipped with: