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 CSE454 Project Specifications
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    The ideal proposal would:
  1. Be delivered as a .pdf
  2. List the group name and team members. It may seem stupid to name your team, but 1) it's kinda fun and 2) we need some way to refer to groups, so please come up with something.
  3. State clearly the problem you are addressing and what you hope to create as an artifact. Technically, you could satisfy this requirement with a single sentence (and some groups did with the preproposal), but this time I'm looking for much greater detail. If your project has a big UI component, can you include a figure showing what it might look like? Can you include an architectural diagram? The more detail the better, and of course you can change your minds later.

  4. Break the project's development into (much) smaller chunks. Describe each chunk thoroughly. What dependencies are there between the pieces? Can you connect the overall project as a linked schedule or pert chart? Estimate the estimate the time required to develop each chunk and sum up the total time along critical paths. Who will work on each chunk?

    Most likely, these plans will change as time evolves, but it is a very useful exercise to plan it out anyway.

  5. Describe the series of milestones you expect to pass as a way of us each being able to monitor progress at roughly 2 week intervals.
  6. What computational resources will you use? What crowd platform (if any) will you use? If machine learning is involved in your project, describe where you'll get your training (and testing) data

  7. Explain how you will evaluate success. What will you measure, how will you measure it, how will you display it in the final report? (graphs are usually better than tables if you can think of a good way to visualize the data)

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