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Guidelines for last-class presentations:

  • Presentations will be during the final exam slot
  • Length = 12 minutes with 3 aditional minutes for questions. Please be sure to practice your presentation & gauge length
  • Powerpoint or PDF Slides (I suggest a max 1 per minute, but the right number depends on your style, hence a dry run is key)
    I assume you will use own laptop to present slides; otherwise 1) let me know asap and 2) mail me slides (.ppt or .pdf) two hours before the start of presentations.
    Bring slides on a backup device, eg USB memory.
  • Every member should talk for some part of the presentation slot
  • Subtopics to cover:
    • Aspirations & reality of what you built
    • Demo or sample results
    • Suprises (What was harder or easier than expected?)
    • What did you learn?
    • Experiments & validation
    • Who did what

Schedule for Presentations

  • Same order as projects are listed on the 454 home page

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