CSE 490i - Project Part 4

Due: March 10, 2000; 5pm.

What to Do

For the most part, this part of the assignment is up to you (we give some ideas below). The one thing we ask all groups to do is pay attention to the user interface of your search system. This means thinking through usability carefully. We recommend getting some friends from outside the class, asking thme to use the page and watching (in person) as they do. Keep quiet and don't tell them anything, just see what they do and if they have problems. We also suggest you attend to spelling errors (perhaps using approximate lookup in the database - MySQL does support LIKE). Perhaps allowing browsing the database by band or genre instead of just search. It's up to you, but we'll grade you on the overall look and feel of the site. In addition, we'd like to see some new functionality. You may do whatever you wish on this front, but here are some ideas:

What to Hand In

Hand in the URL of a top-level web page that lists your team name and contact information for each member. This page should have pointers to the following:
  1. A description of the features you added, how and why.
  2. The source code for your project.
  3. The URL of your search form (upgraded from the previous project).
  4. A set of example queries that will off the new features and content you've added to the database in this part of the project, as well as the features added previosuly.

Pointers to readings

Tessa Lau | tlau@cs.washington.edu