CSE 490i - Project Part 1: Website Management using XML

Due: January 19, 2000.

Objective: We assume everyone has created a at least a small website (home page and links) using HTML. This approach is problematic when creating a larger site because HTML does not distinguish between content and presentation. In this assignment, you will use XML to encode site contents and use XSL to specify presentation. This will allow you to easily change the presentation of the site, or to create multiple views of the data - i.e. several different websites that present the same data in different ways. The assignment also requires you to script your page in a way that requests input from a user and does simple computation.

Groups & Collaboration: For this assignment, students will work independently (we'll form into groups of two or three students for parts 2-4 of the project). We encourage collaboration on coursework, provided that (1) you do the reading and spend some time thinking about each problem before discussing it with others, and (2) you write up each and every problem in your own writing, using your own words, and understand the solution fully. Copying someone else's work is cheating, a serious offense.

The same rules will apply to groups. Each group is encouraged to discuss its approach with other groups, but copying of architectures, diagrams, or code is forbidden.


In this first component of the project, we give you an XML file of data about MP3 files available on the web. First,

Next, you need to write two XSL style sheets that display the same information (.xml document) attractively, presenting the following two different views of the information: