CSE 452: Distributed Systems, Spring 2017

Using Course Email

Sending Mail

The class mailing list is multi_cse452a_sp17 at uw.edu. We will use this list to make official class-related announcements. Students can also send relevant e-mails to this list, but please bear in mind that 95 people will receive any message that you send. Don't send personal messages or spam to this list, please.

Most questions about homework and projects should be asked on the discussion board linked on the home page, rather than by e-mail. If you have a question that is not appropriate for the discussion board, please e-mail it to both TAs.

We will assume that all students in the class will be on the mailing list, and furthermore, we will assume that everybody will be checking their mail regularly (at least once a day). It is conceivable that we will use the mailing list to announce homework assignments, or to make changes/fixes to project assignments.


All students registered for the course should be automatically subscribed to the email list. If you have problems, send email to one of us.


All email sent to the class list is archived here.

Discussion Board

Don't forget the class discussion board, here. TAs receive an e-mail notification whenever somebody posts to the discussion board, so questions posted there will be answered as quickly as questions e-mailed directly.