CSE 451, Introduction to Operating Systems, Autumn 2013

Lectures: MWF 11:30-12:20 MGH 231
Section AA: Thurs 12:30-1:20 MGH 242
Section AB: Thurs 1:30-2:20 MGH 254

Who Office Hours
Ed Lazowska, Instructor
lazowska at cs.washington.edu
Wednesdays, 12:30-1:20, CSE 570
or by appointment
Jeff Snyder, TA
jasnyder at cs.washington.edu
Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20, CSE 002
Thursdays, 2:30-3:20, CSE 002
Sean Wu, TA
wujsean at cs.washington.edu
Mondays, 10:30-11:20, CSE 002
Fridays, 1:30-2:20, CSE 002

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  • 12/14/13: Course grades and histogram here.
  • 12/13/13: Project 2B and Project 3 grades have been posted in the Catalyst gradebook. Sorry for the delay.
  • 12/12/13: Final exam scores and histogram here.
  • 12/6/13: Final exam Wednesday at 2:30!
  • 12/6/13: Confidential peer assessment due by Monday at 11:59 p.m. - information here.
  • 12/6/13: Irene Zhang's talk is posted here.
  • 11/30/13: Project 3 is due on Wednesday!
  • 11/11/13: Put some time and effort into the writeup for the second half of Project 2 - it's an important element of the project.
  • 11/7/13: Trip to the Living Computer Museum on 11/14 - register here.
  • 11/2/13: Please read Chapters 11 and 13 for Friday.
  • 11/2/13: Please read Chapter 12 for Wednesday.
  • 10/31/13: Midterm scores and histogram here.
  • 10/26/13: Midterm test Wednesday in class!
  • 10/26/13: Please read Chapter 10 for Friday.
  • 10/26/13: Please read Chapter 9 for Monday.
  • 10/20/13: Please read Chapter 8 for Wednesday.
  • 10/20/13: Please read Chapter 7 for Monday.
  • 10/18/13: Project 2 is posted here. (Due in two installments: November 3 and November 17. But don't delay!)
  • 10/13/13: Please read Chapter 6 for Wednesday.
  • 10/7/13: Please read the Scheduler Activations paper for Wednesday.
  • 10/6/13: Please read Chapter 5 for Friday.
  • 10/6/13: Please read Chapter 4 for Wednesday.
  • 10/5/13: Midterm: In class on Wednesday October 30.
  • 10/3/13: Project teams are posted here.
  • 10/3/13: Project 1 is posted here.
  • 10/2/13: Please read Chapters 2 and 3 ASAP.
  • 9/27/13: The partner matching survey is online here. When you have finalized your choice of partner, ONE of you should fill out this form. You will need to know your partner's UW and CSE netids.
  • 9/23/13: Project 0 has been posted here; due Friday October 4. This is an individual assignment. Remaining projects will be done in 2-person teams; you'll need to form teams during the first week of class.
  • 9/22/13: I try to be conscientious about not missing class sessions. Unfortunately, my CSE451 teaching assignment was moved from Spring to Autumn very late in the game - I was supposed to be released from teaching during Autumn quarter, and I made several commitments that I simply can't back out of. I apologize for this; I've turned down all requests that have arrived since the shift in teaching schedule.
  • 9/22/13: To spare a few trees, I won't print and distribute the slides. If you want hard copy, please print the pdf's linked from the lecture material web page here.
  • 9/22/13: Please read Chapter 1 for Friday September 27. Reading assignments will be posted here. (All formal reading assignments refer to the main text, Anderson & Dahlin.)
  • 9/22/13: There is a course discussion board here. As with the email list, the "auto-subscription" uses your "@uw" email addresses.
  • 9/22/13: All students should have been auto-subscribed to the CSE451 email list, cse451a_au13 at uw.edu - archive here. The "auto-subscription" uses each person's "@uw" email address, so (a) you need to be forwarding mail sent there to an email account that you actually read, and (b) we'll need to authorize you to post using your "regular" email addresses, which we'll do on an "as it happens" basis.

Textbooks Required Operating Systems: Principles and Practice, Tom Anderson and Mike Dahlin, ISBN-10 0985673516.

The Linux Kernel, David Rusling, ISBN-10 0735709025. (A locally stored copy is kept here.  No attempt will be made to keep the local copy synch'ed with the official copy.)
- or -
The Linux Kernel, Andries Brouwer. (Another, more up-to-date (kernel level 2.5+) guide.)

Strongly encouraged Running Linux, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and Matt Welsh, ISBN-10 0596007604. Unless you are already running a Linux system on a personal machine (and maybe even then) I highly recommend you read this book. Available online through the UW Libraries here.
Videos Required Timesharing: A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks, Fernando Corbato (27 minutes).

Required Every OS Sucks, Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.