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 CSE 451 - Spring 2004
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Lectures: MWF 11:30-12:20 MEB 103
Section AA: Thurs 12:30-1:20 MOR 221
Section AB: Thurs 1:30-2:20 MEB 243

Who Office Hours
Brian Bershad, Instructor
MW 12:30-1:25
and by appointment
CSE 562
Kasia Wilamowska, TA
TTh 2:30-3:25
and by appointment
CSE 220 (or if I'm not there CSE 006)
Ilya Maykov, TA
TF 1:30-2:20
and by appointment
CSE 006


06/04: The solutions to midterm 2 have been posted.

05/24: Assigned reading for this week: Chapters 11, 12, and 14 of Silberschatz.
05/22: Project 4 is up.
05/06: Reading assignment Chapter 6, 7, 8.
05/06: Homework 5 posted
05/06: Latest quizes posted.
05/06: How to access your grades in this class:
  • Log on to MyUW.
  • From the "Student" tab, click the "Personalize Content" link on the top right.
  • Click the button that says "'Choose' from the basic Student menu".
  • Find the "Computer Science and Engineering" heading and check the checkbox.
  • Click the "Save your Changes" button.
When you return to the Student page, you should now see a Computer Science and Engineering area with some CSE department news. It may take several hours for your CSE grades to appear for the first time after you have configured your MyUW account. If your score for an assignment is listed as "(blank)", it simply means that your TA has not entered your score. 04/29: Project 3 has been posted. Pick partners by Friday afternoon.
04/27: Read Chapter 4 and 5.
04/27: Homework 4 posted.
04/27: Latest quizes posted.
04/13: Project 2 is posted.

04/12: Homework 3 posted.

04/05: Grade distribution posted. Administration

04/05: Project 1 posted. Projects

04/05: Homework 2 posted. Homework
04/02: Instructions on how to sumit the homework have been posted on the homework page. Homework is due at 11:00am on Monday.
03/31: The mailing list is set up. Please sign up ASAP here.

03/31: Ilya will not hold office hours at the regular time this week. Office hours for this week are:
Thursday 10:30 - 11:20
Friday 3:30-4:20
CSE 006

Reading: Silberschatz chapters 1, 2 - due Wednesday. Silberschatz chapter 3 - due Friday.
Homework: Homework 1 is online - due Monday, April 5th.

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