CSE 444

Winter, 1998

Day by Day (rough) Schedule

(subject to revision)
Week # Main topic  Monday Wednesday  Friday
1 Introduction  and DB modeling
Jan 5: Introduction and welcome. What is a database? Jan 7: ODL modeling Jan 9: E/R modeling
2 More modeling and the relational data model Jan 12: Modeling constraints Jan 14: Principles of good DB design Jan 16: The relational data model 
3 From a DB design to a DB schema Jan 19: No classes Jan 21: From E/R models to relational schema Jan 23: Normalization
4 Relational algebra Jan 26: More on normalization Jan 28: Relational algebra Jan 30: Concepts of data storage
5 Storage and optimization Feb 2: Concepts of storage (continued) Feb 4: MIDTERM EXAM Feb 6: Concepts of query optimization 
6 SQL Feb 9: Concepts of query optimization (cont'd) Feb 11: SQL preliminaries Feb 13: SQL quirks
Feb 16: No classes Feb 18: SQL- schemas, views, nulls,... Feb 20: Constraints and triggers. 
8 Transaction processing Feb 23: Concepts of transaction processing Feb 25: Concepts of transaction processing Feb 27: Embedded SQL
9 Recursion Mar 2: Recursion (datalog)  Mar 4: Recursion in SQL3 Mar 6: Object Query Language
10 Object orientation, advanced topics Mar 9: OQL Mar 11: Objects in SQL3 Mar 13: Advanced topics (data integration, data mining)

Monday March 16