Links to Database Sites

Database Programming and Design On-Line. On-line version of the magazine Database Programming and Design, with lots of industry news, and technical articles of interest to database programmers and DBMs.

UCB DBMS Research Group - Other DB Information Lots of terrific links to database sites. Includes pointers to all the major DB vendors.

Database Systems & Logic Programming A terrific page of references and bibliographies.

Database Systems Lab - Computer Science - UMass Lots of links to good sites.

ACM Transactions on Database Systems The premier research journal on database systems. Abstracts of many articles since 1985 are on-line.

Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Software:Databases Huge list of companies with DB products.

Database systems and related topics Includes a list of DB related newgroups (all of which begin "comp.databases.") is a newsgroup for Microsoft Access.

Datenbanken (in German) Pointers to DB sites. Pointers to DB topics and sites, including public domain software.

Preliminary SQL3 Documents Supposed to be Postscript versions of the SQL3 draft (my viewer couldn't handle them).

Database Standards Information How to order the SQL-92 and SQL3 material.

Directory of /isowg3/dbl/BASEdocs/public This seems to be a working draft (September 1997) of the SQL3 standard.

SQL Standards Home Page Unofficial, but written by a member of X3H2.

ACM SIGMOD Information Server Home Page "Welcome to the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Management of Data." 

SQL Standards in the United States Information about ANSI X3H2, the committee on Database Languages.

American National Standards Institute