CSE444: Introduction to Database Systems

Fall Quarter, 1996
Instructor: Prof. Linda G. Shapiro, Office: 214 Sieg, Telephone: 543-2196
Email: shapiro@cs.washington.edu
Office Hours: MW 10:30 to 11:20, F 1:30 to 2:20
TA: Patrick Crowley
TA's Email: pcrowley@cs.washington.edu
TA's Office Hours: M 3:30-4:20, Th 2:30-3:20, and F 2:30-3:20. Sieg 232.

Purpose of Course

The objective of this class is to study the fundamental concepts, organizations, and implementations of database systems.


We will learn the relational database language SQL and will use Microsoft Access and the SQL server on the Pentium PCs in the new undergraduate lab (232 Sieg). We will try out an object-oriented system, ODE from AT&T, on Unix.


Fundamentals of Database Systems, second edition, Elmasri and Navathe, Benjamin Cummings, 1994.

Topics to be Covered (ORDER IS TENTATIVE!)

Topic Book Chapters
Introduction 1,2
Entity-Relationship Model 3
Relational Model 6
Microsoft Access Handout
Scientific Database System Needs Lecture
Object-Oriented Model 22 + Handout
ODE Handout
Object/Relational Systems Handout
MIDTERM All of Above
Choice of Projects Handout
Database Design and Normalization 12, 13
Storage and Indexing 4,5,15
Query Processing 16
Transaction Processing 17
Systems Guest Lecture Handout
Image Database Systems Handout


Roughly, Homework 40%, Midterm 25%, Final 35%.