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        <firstName>Xin (Luna)</firstName>
    <!-- You may want to give the city, state, country and whatever else you'd like -->
    <birthplace>Tianjin, P.R.China</birthplace>
        <!-- You can give all of the phone numbers as below, or drop 1 or 2 of them, or add some more-->
    <!-- again, you can give one or several addresses -->
        <street>4233 9th Ave. N.E., #208</street>
        <street>Box 352350, University of Washington</street>
    <!-- give as many email addresses as you really have -->
    <!-- simply drop the below element if you don't have a personal website -->
        <department>Computer Science and Engineering</department>
        <university>University of Washington</university>
    <!-- I assume you have at least one favorite class. Give the class no. and name. -->
        <courseName>Principles of Database Systems</courseName>
        <courseName>Computability and Complexity</courseName>
    <!-- list as many as you have. If you want to keep it a secret, simply drop the below elements -->
        <!-- list at least one friend out of our 444 class, even if you don't have any in our class -->
        <in-class>Eric Chu</in-class>
        <out-of-class>Miryung Kim</out-of-class>
        <out-of-class>Zizhen Yao</out-of-class>