Getting Started

To create and start your project, follow the below three steps:

  1. Create your project

    Start MS .NET from the "start" menu. Click "Start -> All Programs -> Programming -> Microsoft Visual Studio .NET -> Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003".

    If asked about migrating settings from VS 2002, choose "Yes".

    Click "File -> New -> Project...".
    In Template window, choose "ASP .NET Web Application".
    In Location, type in your folder in iisqlsrv, and then name your project. E.g. "http://iisqlsrv/cse444_ta/<the project name>". Select "Visual C# Projects" under "Project Types". Click "Ok."

    If you want to create multiple projects, make sure you put the new project in your own folder, e.g."http://iisqlsrv/cse444_ta/<another project>". Otherwise, if more than 1 students have created project "test2", such as "http://iinetsrv/test2", these projects will overwrite each other.

    The file sharing settings may not be set correctly so if you get the following screen choose "Try to open the project with FrontPage Server Extensions":

    Also, it may prompt you for your CSEPCLAB login and password - this is the login you use for the computers in the labs.

    If you do not see the solution explorer or the toolbox, go to View on the toolbar, then select Solution Explorer and/or Toolbox.


  2. Open your project

    After you create your project, every time when you start visual studio .net, you can open it using "Open Project" Button.

    If your project doesn't show in the list of projects to open, email me (I'm trying to find the solution...).

  3. Make your first page

    In the solution explorer, right click on the name of the project (in the example is lunadong). Select "add" and then "add web form."

    A new screen should pop up and ask you for a file name. Give your page a name--it should now show up in the solution explorer. To start working on this page, double click it.
    By default, you are presented with the Design view, but you can click on the tab at the bottom of the page to switch to HTML view and hand code whatever you wish.

    Let's add a "Hello World" message. 

    When you point to the tool-box icon on left-hand side, you can see a bunch of web form design tools. 

    Click on the label in the toolbox. Now drag a rectangle over the grid. A rectangle appears on the grid (says Label1 on it). Right click that rectangle and go to Properties. The properties box appears on your screen (most likely right under the solution explorer). Go to the Text Property and change it to Hello World (just type it).

    You are ready to view your page--one more step. In solution explorer, right click your page in Solution Explorer and click on "Set as a startup page". This way you designate your page as the first one to be served as a user accesses your site.

    To compile and deploy your project, click on the little blue triangle in the toolbar.
    Currently the debugger won't work, I am in contact with support about how to fix this. For now you can choose "Save All" and then browse to http:\\iisqlsrv\ to check your files...

    Your "hello world" web page should pop up.

    If you see the message as "Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging on the web server. The machine cannot be found on the network. ..." Click "Yes" and run debug again. Then everything will be ok afterwards.

Please try this ASAP and let me know of any issues that you encounter.