Daily Schedule for 444


(Subject to change)

Week ofMonday Wednesday Friday
April 1 Introduction
Chapter 1
ODL & E/R Diagrams
Section 4.2, Section 2.1
E/R diagrams (cont.)
Section 2.2-2.4
HW#1 distributed
April 8 Relational Data Model
Section 3.1-3.3
Functional Dependencies
Section 3.4
Functional Dependencies (cont.)
Section 3.5-3.6

HW#1 due;
Project groups decided
April 15 Functional Schema Design
Section 3.7
HW#2 distributed
Relational Algebra
Section 5.2
Relational Algebra & SQL
Section 5.3(optional), 6.1-6.2
April 22 SQL (cont.)
Section 6.3
HW#2 due; 

Project proposals and E/R diagrams due
SQL (cont.)
Section 6.4
HW#3 distributed
SQL (cont.)
April 29 XML XML (cont.)
HW#3 due
XML Query
May 6 Processing XML Data MIDTERM SQL Constraints and Triggers
Project formal specification due
May 13 SQL3 DBMS system overview
HW#4 distributed
Classroom Changed!!!
Lecture at Kane 220 today!
May 20 Indexing continued
Project sample end-to-end application due
Query Execution
HW#4 due
Query Execution/Optimization
HW#5 distributed
May  27 HOLIDAY Optimization Optimization cont.
HW#5 due
June 3 Queries for XML Review Session Project completed and demo
June 10 FINAL EXAM (2:30-4:30)