How to import the Access file into MS SQL

  1. Download the hw3.mdb to your desktop.
  2. Go to Start->Program->Microsoft SQL Server. CLick on Import and Export Data
  3. Click next, and you will see:
  4. Choose Microsoft Access in Data Source and specify the location of your hw3.mdb Click next, and you will see:
  5. Choose Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server in Destination.
    Choose ISQL01 in Server.
    Check "Use SQL Server Authentication".
    Type your username and password there.
    Choose your database name in Database.
    Then, click next and you will see:
  6. Choose "Copy table(s) and View(s)..." and click next, and you will see:
  7. Click "Select All" and click next, and you will see:
  8. Choose "Run immediately", and click next.
  9. Click "Finish" and you will see
  10. Now you have created the tables and copied the data successfully onto the MS SQL account.
    You can go to Start->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server, and use Query Analyzer to finish the rest of your homework.