Due: February 7th


Part I:

This is a step to make you comfortable with writing simple web interfaces and three tier applications.Each member of the team needs to complete this step individually.Create a web page which presents the user with a form consisting of an input box and a submit button.After the user inputs a name and hits the submit button, he/she will be presented with all the information about a student with that name (use the table Student from database yana as in homework 2).


NOTE: You do not have to do this in ASP if your project uses different software.

Just write the URL where I can access your form on your code hardcopy.


Part II:

Please list the team members and the teamís name on top of your assignment.

You will pick an application area that you find interesting and store its information in a database.See the main project page for ideas and feel free to come up with something of your own.

For this phase of the project, you will submit the following, in hardcopy form, by the beginning of class on the due date:

  1. A complete E/R diagram for the information that will be stored in the database. As a rough guideline, an E/R diagram with 4 or 5 entities is usually sufficiently complicated, so pick your application area accordingly.
  2. A list of any integrity constraints that your data should satisfy that aren't already covered by the E/R diagram (e.g., "nobody named 'Fred' is allowed to make less than $100000 per year").
  3. A normalized schema based on your E/R diagrams
  4. A description of the "application" level of your system: i.e., what functionality will be performed by your web interface, etc. In general, this web-based application level should be able to handle the common tasks of your system: A user should typically not need to manipulate the database directly for any reason once the system is up and running. The DBA, of course, should always be able to do so!(This step is supposed to refine and formalize the specifications you gave initially.If you think your initial specs were complete and exhaustive, please refresh my memory with a brief summary).