Due: March 7

This will be the most coding-intensive portion of the course! We don't expect a large amount of code here, nor do we expect any particularly difficult code, but we do expect a bit of "grunt work" on your part to learn the interfaces and get them working.

This is your chance to shine!  Fix and enhance your prototypes and show them to us and the rest of the class

We expect most of you to use SQL Server with Visual Interdev and Microsoft ADO. You can go here to find out more about getting that set up and running. Once you have it all working, you can schedule a time to demo your system (see below for scheduling requirements and logistics). The following are the requirements for the demo itself:

  1. Your DB should contain enough data in each table to ensure that reasonable join queries will contain non-empty results. As a rough guideline, 10-20 tuples per relation is a reasonable goal, but this depends on the relation. Some may have only a few (or even just one) tuples, and some may require substantially more than this.
  2. Bring anything else you want to the demo -- notes, books, documentation, etc.
  3. During the demo, you will show us the application layer (web pages) of your system and we'll use them to update and query your database.
  4. We may (or may not) ask to see any code you wrote to create the interface between your web pages and your database.