v     Go to start->programs->Microsoft SQL Server(client)->Enterprise Manager.

v     Once the window opens, click on Action (left most on the tool/command
bar) and choose New SQL Server Registration.

v     The Register SQL Server Wizard will open:

screen 1: just click next.

screen 2: double click on ISQL01 to select it, then click next.

screen 3: select the second radio button saying "I want to connect using login information that was assigned to me by the system administrator (SQL Server Authentication), then click next.

screen 4:

for homework1, do cse444,cse444, then click next

for the project, your group login and password, then click next

screen 5: just click next.

screen 6: click finish!


You will then receive a message that ISQL01 Registered Successfully and you can close the message window.


You donít need the next step for homework one, but you might want to come back to it when you deal with the project.


v     Now on the Console Root, expand Microsoft SQL Servers, then expand SQL Server Group, then expand ISQL01 (Windows NT), and finally expand the Databases folder.Find your group name (cse444_?) and expand it.Here you have the tools that you need to create your DB.Right clicking on any of them will give you different options, for example, right clicking on Tables will allow you to create a new table and so on.


Good Luck!