CSE 444 Project Support Page 

Autumn 2001

Getting started

    Getting started with cubist      Basics about cubist and your accounts, setting $PATH

    Getting started with PostgreSQL    Starting the psql client, creating a new database, entering data

Sample Code    

Note: all the sample code linked below is available on cubist from directory: /www/education/cse444/samples/

Sample Perl CGI program which posts a simple query to a database and displays results. 

Personally, I think PHP is a little easier to work with than Perl, so check out this sample code.  

You can write your cgi programs in c, and connect to the PostgreSQL server using libpq++ libraries. 

"xtest.pl" parses the XML content from "personal.xml", selects some nodes and prints their content.  "db2xml.pl" posts a query to the sample beers-bars-drinkers PostgreSQL database, and generates XML from the query results.  Both use the perl module XML::DOM to provide a tree-based interface to XML documents. 

Here is a simple perl script which sends the user who runs it a test email.

Here is a helpful link on user authentication for web pages. 





Online Tutorials and Resources

This section will grow over time.  If you find an online resource helpful, let me know and I will post it here.