Homework Assignments

Some of the homeworks will involve use of SQL Server in the Sieg Hall labs.

For use in on homeworks and on the project, you will be given an account (if you don't already have one) on the CSEPCLAB WindowsNT domain.

There are five homework assignments. The assignments and solutions will become available here at the appropriate times. Solutions will be available at most one week after the due date of an assignment, but usually much sooner.

We expect your answers to be precise, concise, and to reflect clear and thorough thinking. Make any reasonable assumptions you need to on the homeworks, but state them clearly. The TA and I decide if an assumption is reasonable, so if you're not sure, ask one of us! Homework assignments will be graded by the TA and reviewed by me.

Note on due dates: Barring extraordinary circumstances, no late submissions will be accepted, in part because we want to make solutions available to all of you in a timely manner so you can better learn the material. All homeworks are due at the beginning of class on the due date.

Homework submission: Unless otherwise specified, they must be handed in physically, on hardcopy, to me or the TA at or before the beginning of class on the due date. All questions must be answered in the order asked and your answers must be labelled. Your name must appear on the top of the front sheet and the pages must be stapled or paper clipped in the upper left corner. Naturally, your homework should be entirely your own work. The course project gives you ample opportunity for group work; the homeworks are to be done individually.

Homework grades: Some information on the grades earned for the homework assignments can be found here. All homeworks, unless otherwise specified, are graded out of 100 points.

Assignment Topic Date Assigned Date Due Solutions
Homework 1 E/R Diagrams and Relations January 5 January 14 Solutions in postscript and pdf
Homework 2 Normalization and Relational Algebra January 14 January 28 HW2 solutions in postscript and pdf
Homework 3 SQL January 28 February 4 HW3 solutions in postscript and pdf
Homework 4 Indices and Query Processing February 9 February 18 HW4 solutions in postscript and pdf
Homework 5 Concurrency Control and Recovery February 23 March 3 HW5 solutions in postscript and pdf