Course Goals and Expectations

Database management systems is an exciting area of Computer Science that is at the heart of modern commercial application development. With the growing amount of data available, the importance and challenges of databases continue to expand. The field is an excellent illustration of how theory and practice can work together to achieve interesting and useful results. You will learn the fundamental concepts underlying database management systems. As a side effect of this process you will have a level of understanding sufficient for database administration of relational, object-oriented, or other database management systems. Specific goals include: No prior database knowledge is required for this course. It is my hope and expectation that you will enrich the classroom environment by sharing your views with us appropriately. Please do not be shy in offering your opinions, questions, or answers. I of course reserve the right to keep the discussion on track.

Email and the WWW will be used extensively to provide you with information about this course. Please check both frequently.

In all your computer use for this course, you are expected to follow the University's policy for computer use.

All work you submit for this course must be entirely your own (or, in the case of a group project, that of you and your partners in the group). Anything else will not be tolerated and will be penalized to the maximum possible amount. Although students are encouraged to study together, you are required to produce your own solutions to all work you submit (including, obviously, exams).