CSE442 Data Visualization (Winter 2022)

Final Project Deliverables

To complete your final project, you must provide two primary deliverables:

  • A demonstration video (<= 2 minutes in length) that communicates your project goals and visualizations. YouTube URL due on Canvas by 11:59pm, Wed 3/9.
  • An interactive visualization web page for your chosen topic. Code and website due on GitHub by 11:59pm, Mon 3/14.

Online Visualization

Your final project visualizations must be published on GitHub pages. For your visualizations you are free to use any web-based library, including D3.js, Vega, Vega-Lite, and REGL. Keep your source code (HTML markup, visualization JavaScript code, etc.) in the top-level of your GitHub repo. When ready to publish, place all necessary files in the "docs" subfolder to publish on GitHub pages.

Video Presentation

In addition to your interactive web page, each team must produce a short demonstration video (no longer than 2 minutes!) introducing your project. Your video must communicate the specific topic and goals of your project along with your visualization designs. We expect most videos will use a mixture of static slides and interactive screen capture with overlaid narration. You might consider showing your web page as published on the web. Alternatively, you might create a stripped down version that removes text in favor of spoken narration, bringing more focus and screen space to your visualizations. The initial frame of your video should include your project name and the team members' names.

Be sure that your video communicates how your visualization designs enable a better understanding of your chosen data. Do not simply enumerate the various features you implemented: focus on what viewers can learn from your visualization(s).

Please carefully read the CSE442 video production guide for details on how to design and record your video. Your videos should be in MPEG4 (.mp4, .m4v) format. Use appropriate compression to ensure your video file is not unnecessarily large. You will post videos online, so we encourage you to put your best face forward to the world!

Your demo video must be published on YouTube. In addition you must submit a URL linking to your video via Canvas by Wed 3/9, 11:59pm. We will have a video showcase during our last lecture session on Thu 3/10.

Submission Details

The URL for your final video must be submitted on the Final Project Video Canvas page by Wed 3/9, 11:59pm. This is a strict submission time, as we will be sharing videos in class on Thu 12/9.

Your final project code and web site must be submitted to your project GitHub repo by Mon 3/14, 11:59pm. Submit the URL for your project web page to the Final Project Deliverables Canvas page.